Health & Wellbeing

The Schools HR Co-operative provide a 'Health and Wellbeing' service delivering school-centred Occupational Health with dedicated practitioners building up school specific expertise and localised knowledge. The service is based out of a local school.

The service elements include:

  • Management referrals
  • Pre-employment medical checks
  • Ill health retirement assessments
  • Medical advisory helpline
  • Aggregate management reporting
  • Strategic advice and guidance
  • Proactive intervention & training days
  • Physiotherapy services


A schools specific service

Providing a better understanding of the needs of schools, the practicalities of 'reasonable adjustments' and the complexities of phased returns thereby aiding realistic advice and support to both the school and employee in regards to fitness for work.

Wider range of services and support

A comprehensive approach to supporting employees back to fitness and health and thereby improving the potential for shorter absences, continuity of education and reducing direct and indirect costs to the school